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Friday, July 9, 2010

Strategic CSR - 2nd edition

Just to let you all know that the second edition of Strategic CSR has now been printed by Sage. Bill and I received our copies earlier this week. The photos on the front cover are intended to represent the five driving forces of CSR—globalization, growing affluence, ecological sustainability, the free flow of information, and brands (Chapter 4). If you ordered a review copy, Sage will be distributing them shortly. Review copies can also be requested at the book’s website:

We are also working on the book’s password-protected Instructor Teaching Site:

In addition, in conjunction with the publication of the second edition, we have created a blog to archive the Newsletters in a way that makes them freely accessible:

We are still in the early days of working with the software (the search function, in particular, is not doing what we would like it to do), but the goal is to post all the Newsletters from here onwards to the site, as well as adding all the past Newsletters over the summer.The completed library should serve as a useful resource both for teachers looking for supplemental material for their classes, as well as for students writing semester papers or simply interested in understanding more about some of the topical themes being debated within CSR.As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Have a good weekend.

Bill Werther & David Chandler
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