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Friday, June 24, 2016

Strategic CSR - 4e

I hope your summer is going well.
This Newsletter is just to let you know that the fourth edition of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable Value Creation is now published. Review copies are available on the book's website:
In addition to all the new and updated content, Sage and I worked hard to improve the instructor resources that accompany this edition. These support resources are available online ( and include materials for both instructors (password protected) and students:
Answers to in-text questions
PowerPoint slides
Test bank (very comprehensive – a big thank you to John Tichenor for his help with this)
Lecture notes (including suggested answers to end of chapter discussion questions and Strategic CSR debate motions)
Sample syllabi
Issues and case studies from the third edition
Film/video resources
Discussion questions
Film/video resources
Blog archive of the CSR Newsletter (
Of course, if you have any questions about the 4e, please feel free to contact me at any time.
Take care
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