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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strategic CSR - Graffiti

I think the article in the url below is a great example of art with a social activist message:

“Using stencils, water, and scrubbing brushes, British “reverse graffiti” artist Paul Curtis comments on runaway consumerism—and shows us how dirty we really are.”
urtis cleans away patterns on walls covered in dirt and other pollution in ways that make art forms:

“He strips away years of accumulated soot, dust, dirt, and atmospheric detritus to make pieces like these, which were part of a celebration of street art.”

The overall effect is dramatic and, I think, very attractive. The irony in the form that he uses to convey his message is what really adds value, however:

"When Curtis puts his brush down, his commentary has only begun: Within days, the patterns begin to fade as the pollution reclaims its territory, a statement about how hard it is to clean things up and how easy it is to mess them up again.”

Have a good weekend.

Bill Werther & David Chandler
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"Reverse Graffiti" Artist Paul Curtis Shows Us How Dirty We Really Are
Issue: 139
Date: October, 2009
By: Jeff Chu