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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strategic CSR - Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Strategic CSR Newsletter!
The first Newsletter of the Spring semester is below.
As always, your comments and ideas are welcome at any time.

Over the break, I received the following e-mail about a report by the Network for Business Sustainability that outlined the “top seven sustainability challenges facing businesses in 2010.”

  1. How can we measure and value a firm’s ecological impacts (i.e. its ecological footprint)?
  2. How can we build an enduring corporate culture of sustainability?
  3. How can we promote and ensure sustainability within our supply chains?
  4. How can we incorporate sustainability into employee incentives?
  5. What business risks are associated with water quality and water shortage?
  6. What is the aboriginal perspective on business sustainability, and what are the best approaches for constructively engaging aboriginal communities?
  7. How do we measure the economic impact of NIMBY (“not in my backyard”)-ism?
More detailed reports about each of these “challenges” is available at the Network for Business Sustainability’s website:

While it is hard to argue with the items on the list (although I am not sure these are necessarily the top seven), what struck me is the sheer scope of these “challenges” and how you could probably have formed a very similar list 20 years ago.

The list in some ways, therefore, shows how far we have come by outlining huge goals that advocates feel are within reach (by the end of 2010??). It also, however, shows have far we still have to go.

Happy New Year!

Bill Werther & David Chandler
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