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Monday, September 7, 2009

Strategic CSR - Sustainable Cities

The article in the url below is interesting because it mentions the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement (, which I hadn’t heard of before. The Agreement allows U.S. cities to move towards achieving “the greenhouse gas reductions targeted by the Kyoto Protocol” in the absence of meaningful federal policy:

“Since the 2005 agreement, some 500 more cities and counting have signed on. And while some cities simply signed the document and moved on, others have used the initiative to draft further strategies that deliver meaningful reductions in emissions.”

The article profiles seven cities (San Jose, Boston, Austin Texas, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland Oregon, and Denver) that have positioned themselves as the “earl[iest] adopters of "green" products and services” and, as a result, offer the most welcoming environment for clean technology start-up companies.

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Cities Striving to Be Green

By Amy Westervelt
May 19, 2009
Some places in the U.S. are way ahead in policies to reduce carbon emissions. Here are the seven best spots to start a clean tech company