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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strategic CSR - Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Strategic CSR Newsletter!
The first Newsletter of the Fall semester is below.
As always, your comments and ideas are welcome.

There are two exciting developments happening in the Strategic CSR world this Fall:

       1.   Third edition: Sage has asked us to write the third edition of Strategic CSR. Most of this writing will occur this semester. Sage has already sent the second edition out to review and we have received some very helpful comments, but I would like to extend the opportunity to contribute to the Newsletter distribution list. As such, if you have any ideas for how the second edition can be improved, please let me know in the coming weeks. These ideas can involve existing areas of the book that need improving, as well as currently excluded areas or issues that you think need to be included in the third edition. All ideas are welcome! The third edition is due to be published in the summer, 2013.

      2.   Online simulation: I have been interested for some time in exploring the idea of an online simulation to complement the third edition. While there are a number of simulations on the market, there are few that are written focusing solely on CSR and business ethics. Earlier this year, I approached a colleague with the necessary technical knowledge and interest in CSR (Michael Hendron, Brigham Young University), and Mike agreed to see what we can come up with. The protagonist in the simulation is the Corporate Responsibility and Ethics Officer (CREO) of K-Tai, Inc., a fictional cell phone company headquartered in California, but with a supply-chain that reaches around the world. Based on various CSR and business ethics-related scenarios, students adopt the CREO role and evaluate K-Tai, Inc.’s options, making internal recommendations to the firm’s senior executives in an attempt to influence strategy and maximize stakeholder value. We are currently undergoing classroom testing and also gauging what demand there is for such a teaching resource. For those interested, please feel free to set-up an instructor’s account and explore at:

I will be traveling on and off for much of this semester, but of course will not stray too far from internet access. I will do my best to maintain a steady flow of Newsletters, but apologies in advance for any interruption in service.

With either the third edition or simulation (or the Newsletters or general questions about the book), please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at any time. The goal is to make these tools as helpful to your work in the classroom as they can be.

Take care

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