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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Strategic CSR - Nike

This is the last CSR Newsletter of the Fall semester.
Have a great holiday break and I will see you in the New Year!
This song was sent to me by a subscriber to the Newsletter. It is a song by the rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis—WINGS:
Essentially, the song is about our material world and the effects consumerism can have on our values and priorities. In particular, Macklemore focuses on Nike shoes and how wearing them (and collecting them) has elevated them to a symbol – they are no longer just a pair of shoes but something to fight for and, in the worst cases, to die for.
Macklemore and Lewis use their art form to tackle some serious social problems. I particularly like their song about marriage equality—SAME LOVE:
The fact that they feel the need to write these songs, of course, is a reflection of the values embedded in our societies and the economic systems that dominate them.
Happy Holidays!
David Chandler & Bill Werther
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