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Friday, January 22, 2016

Strategic CSR - Hot

The article in the url below provides an update on the state of our environment (see also Strategic CSR – Climate data). As you might have guessed, things are bad and will continue to get worse before they improve:
“Last month was the hottest August on record, topping out the hottest summer on record, according to data released on Thursday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It was the sixth month this year to set a new record: February, March, May, June, July, and August. This has been the hottest start to a year on record and the hottest 12 months on record. It follows the hottest calendar year (2014), and the hottest decade.”
The news is bad all around:
“In 136 years of global temperature data, we are in uncharted territory. And this year's extremes are likely to continue as a strong El Niño weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean continues to rip more heat into the atmosphere. There's now a 97 percent chance that 2015 will set yet another record, according to NOAA.”
The dynamic chart and other graphics in the article demonstrates viscerally how much hotter 2015 was:
“‘Are the record temperatures due to climate change or due to El Niño? The answer is yes,’ said Deke Arndt, chief of NOAA's climate monitoring branch in Asheville, N.C.. ‘Long-term climate change is like climbing a flight of stairs. El Niño is like standing on tippy toes while you are on one of those stairs.’”
For an up-to-date graphic detailing how much hotter 2015 was than any previous year on record, see:
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