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Monday, April 22, 2013

Strategic CSR - Earth Day!

The more you study a subject like CSR, the more it is easy to be dragged down into a conversation of increasing despair as the planet hurtles towards social introversion and environmental destruction. As such, it is extremely liberating to be reminded occasionally of the brilliance of human beings. Given the right conditions and incentives, we have the ability to thrive (and, hopefully, survive)! The article in the url below from the UK newspaper, The Guardian, presents a series of amazing innovations that extends our ability to recycle discarded products that were previously considered waste:
“From plastic bottles that have helped create Nike's 2013 Brazil home kit, to roof tiles made of toilet paper.”
Truly inspiring! Now, if we could only work out how to scale this kind of innovation so that we use less resources than we throw away …
Happy Earth Day!
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Turning waste into worth - innovation in pictures
From fishing nets turned into carpet tiles, shampoo sludge that becomes fertiliser and plastic bottles transformed into Brazilian football kits, waste is being re-used in innovative ways to create new products. Our gallery pulls together some of the most interesting examples
April 10, 2013
The Guardian