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Friday, May 9, 2014

Strategic CSR - CSR Reports

The article in the url below records baby steps towards the goal of more comprehensive CSR measuring and reporting:
“Major businesses in Europe will be required to produce social and environmental reports as part of their standard annual report following the passing of a law in the European Parliament.”
Unfortunately, of course, the legislative process is far from perfect and the best of intentions are subject to vested interests:
“The law was the subject of a lot of last-minute wrangling, with some countries expressing reservations that it would be an additional layer of bureaucracy for businesses. As a result, a considerable degree of flexibility was built into the final form of the legislation.”

In particular:
“Companies will be able to choose the relevant indicators against which they should report and a lot of large companies - particularly private companies - will be exempt from the law altogether. Reports will be audited, but don't have a requirement to be verified.”

On the plus side, however:
“… as a result of the law, some 6,000 companies will be required to report on areas such as human rights and the environment, diversity, corruption and social issues.”

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Mandatory reporting law passed by European Parliament
April 16, 2014
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