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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Strategic CSR - Environmental art

There is a new documentary about the British environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy, whose art is both beautiful and powerful. The trailer for the movie ('Leaning into the Wind') is fascinating and demonstrates Andy's ability to manipulate and comment on nature simultaneously:
As the artist says, "you can walk on the path or you can walk through the hedge – two different ways of looking at the world." There is more footage on the movie's website:
This documentary is a follow-up to an earlier documentary about Andy's work, 'Rivers and Tides,' by the same director:
Seeing this art reminded me of one of the earliest Newsletters I sent out, back in 2010 (Strategic CSR – Graffiti), which looked at what the artist, Paul Curtis, describes as "reverse graffiti":
"Using stencils, water, and scrubbing brushes, British 'reverse graffiti' artist Paul Curtis comments on runaway consumerism—and shows us how dirty we really are. … He strips away years of accumulated soot, dust, dirt, and atmospheric detritus to make pieces like these, which were part of a celebration of street art."
The ephemeral, yet extremely intricate nature of this work is astonishing. I am not sure I would have the patience, but the overall effect is an extremely powerful commentary on how we affect the natural environment simply by existing.
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