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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Strategic CSR - 4e

I am happy to announce that the fourth edition of Strategic CSR will be published over the summer. The title for this edition is Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable Value Creation:
The new sub-title reflects the book's consolidation around the idea that is central to CSR – long-term value creation for the firm's broad range of stakeholders. Talking about CSR in this way (i.e., value creation) moves it from the periphery of the firm's activities, to strategic planning and core operations (and therefore the basis for everything the CEO and senior executives do, every day).
Apart from the usual updates, new Tables and Figures, and other new ideas, the major change in the 4e is to the book's structure. In particular, there are now five Parts, each consisting of three chapters and one case-study (see the abbreviated ToC pasted below). While the core of many of these chapters was drawn from material in the 3e, there are new sections in each chapter; there are also completely new chapters. As such, to ease the transition from the 3e to the 4e, I have prepared a Transition Guide as part of the instructor resources that summarizes each of the chapters and explains where they came from.
This change in structure was made primarily in response to demand from instructors to adapt the book for easier assignment over the long Fall/Spring semester. Thus, a larger number of shorter chapters was preferred to a smaller number of longer chapters. Overall, the 4e is considerably shorter than the 3e.
Thank you to those of you who were kind enough to review the 4e plan last year. Many of those suggestions are also included – I hope you all like the result.
Although the 4e will not be available until the summer (probably late June/early July), Sage is now accepting requests for review copies at the book's new website:
Of course if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you, as always, for your support.
Take care
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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable Value Creation (4e) – Table of Contents
Part I – Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 1:  What is CSR?
Chapter 2:  The Driving Forces of CSR
Chapter 3:  Corporate Rights and Responsibilities
Case Study:  Religion
Part II – A Stakeholder Perspective
Chapter 4:  Stakeholder Theory
Chapter 5:  Corporate Stakeholder Responsibility
Chapter 6:  Who Owns The Corporation?
Case Study:  Impact Investing
Part III – An Economic Perspective
Chapter 7:  The Pursuit of Profit
Chapter 8:  Incentives and Compliance
Chapter 9:  Accountability
Case Study:  Financial Crisis
Part IV – A Strategic Perspective
Chapter 10:  Strategy + CSR
Chapter 11:  CSR as a Strategic Filter
Chapter 12:  Strategic CSR
Case Study:  Supply Chain
Part V – A Sustainable Perspective
Chapter 13:  Sustainability
Chapter 14:  Implementing CSR
Chapter 15:  Sustainable Value Creation
Case Study:  Employees