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Friday, April 8, 2016

Strategic CSR - Security

The article in the url below reminds us that the best software infrastructure and security in the world is no match for the unpredictable nature of the humans with whom those systems have to interact:
"A survey of around 1,100 office workers at large companies in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Netherlands and Australia … found 20% said they would sell their corporate passwords to an outsider—and of those who would, 44% said they would do so for less than $1,000."
"While 85% said they would be upset if their personal information was breached by a company, 26% admitted they uploaded sensitive company information to a cloud app for the purpose of sharing that information outside the company."
While that should be enough to drive the most resolute CEO and Board absolutely crazy, I would like to see some more data about the situations that those willing to sell their passwords are working under. I am guessing the culture at those organizations is pretty toxic, no doubt compounded by a sense among employees that they are undervalued by management. I would think any CEO facing survey data that produced results anything like these should spend some time trying to understand the underlying factors driving this level of disenchantment, rather than railing against the employees willing to basically hand over the keys to the store.
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