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Friday, April 1, 2016

Strategic CSR - Beer

The article in the url below presents an interesting twist on the recycling debate. In particular, recycled water:
"In autumn of 2014 – three years into California's devastating drought– architect Russ Drinker became fixated on brewing beer from recycled greywater (that is, water that's been treated after use in sinks, showers and washing clothes). He was increasingly frustrated that the media paid little attention to water recycling. 'They were focused on conservation instead. But if Californians really want to have an impact on our water use, we have to recycle our freshwater ... and get over our psychological resistance to that.'"
This is a question that should be of concern to all drinks companies that rely on water as the basis for their product:
"While some microbrewers have been working hard to get their water usage down – some to three gallons of water for every gallon of beer – the industry has a high water to beer ratio. Despite this, it took Drinker about a year to find a brewer up for the challenge."
In the end, he teamed up with Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, a craft brewer based in San Francisco, to produce a version of its "Mavericks Tnuuel Vision IPA" using recycled water, which the company then put to a panel of tasters for a blind test:
"Made using the same Nasa water recycling technology as astronaut Scott Kelly used during his year long stint on the International Space Station, the tasting panel couldn't detect which of the two pints was made with recycled water."
The article mentions other breweries around the U.S. that are also using recycled grey water in their brewing process.
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