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Friday, April 27, 2012

Strategic CSR - U.S. and China

The articles in the two urls below, together, constitute an interesting snapshot of the relative positions and trajectories of U.S. and Chinese societies. The article in the first url below is titled, “Chinese Warriors Coming to New York …” and reports on an exhibition that will open today of China’s Terracotta soldiers in New York:

The new exhibition … will also include a set of gates from an ancient Han burial chamber, never before publicly displayed, and 20 other artifacts that will be shown in the United States for the first time, among dozens of other pieces.

The article in the second url below, in contrast, is titled “… And ‘Iron Man’ is Going to China” and reports on the recent decision by the Disney-owned Marvel Studios to partner with the Chinese media company, DMG Entertainment, to make Iron Man 3:

Disney, which acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009, plans to release “Iron Man 3” — starring Robert Downey Jr. as the superheroic industrialist Tony Stark — in May 2013. Filming is expected to take place in China late summer. Disney declined to say how much DMG would invest or how the “Iron Man 3” plot would involve China.

The juxtapositioning of the two articles (on the same page in the New York Times, one on top of the other), reminded me of quote I saw a while ago from the Commerce Department about the leading exports between the U.S. and China. I wrote about that quote in a prior Newsletter and saw it repeated recently in a separate article in the Wall Street Journal (

Trash has become America's leading export: mountains of waste paper, soiled cardboard, crushed beer cans and junked electronics. China's No. 1 export to the U.S. is computers, according to the Journal of Commerce. The United States' No. 1 export to China, by number of cargo containers, is scrap.

I am not entirely sure what all this says about both countries’ cultures and economies, but the contrast struck me as interesting.

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Chinese Warriors Coming to New York …
By Randy Kennedy
The New York Times
April 17, 2012

… And ‘Iron Man’ Is Going to China
By Brooks Barnes
The New York Times
April 17, 2012