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Friday, August 24, 2012

Strategic CSR - White-collar crime

Who ever said that crime does not pay? As white-collar criminals are increasingly sent to prison, the article in the url below reports on the birth of an industry that is designed to smooth their transition to life on the inside:

Advising panicky white-collar criminals on what life is like behind bars is a bull-market business, what with all the arrests on Wall Street for insider trading. As America's lockups have become more crowded, so has the prison-prep industry, a field built for white-collar criminals with the means to pay for lessons on coping with strip searches and with getting along with a tattooed cellmate named Bubba.

The advice focuses on the practical:

White-collar inmates-to-be are taught that currency in prison includes stamps and canned fish. There are many no-no's, including taking someone else's laundry out of a dryer, changing the TV channel or looking at another guy in the shower.

Above all:

Be polite. … [and] Stealing is seriously frowned upon.

Good advice! Of course, it probably would have been better if they had avoided whatever behavior landed them in prison in the first place!

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School for Scoundrels: Doing Time in Prison Prep School
By Michael Rothfeld
March 26, 2012
The Wall Street Journal