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Monday, January 21, 2013

Strategic CSR - Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Strategic CSR Newsletter!
The first Newsletter of the Spring semester is below.
As always, your comments and ideas are welcome.

The article in the url below contains an entertaining look at the “10 worst business moves of 2012,” as determined by MSN Money:

Chalk up some of these dumb moves to an election year, when emotions get riled up and people do things they probably shouldn't. But some of these mistakes go right into the obvious pile: Don't have an affair with a subordinate. Don't lie on your résumé.

While not all related to CSR, what they contain in common is a consistent insensitivity to the needs and concerns of stakeholders, broadly defined. This is the core of the framework that we used to build Strategic CSR and should be the driving concern of all strategy and operations-related decisions taken by firms.

For your amusement and to begin the 2013 CSR Newsletters, therefore, the list features the following firms and their fateful “business decisions”:
  • Apple Maps
  • Hostess CEO cuts everyone’s pay but his own
  • Yahoo! CEO lies on his resume
  • Best Buy CEO has affair with a subordinate
  • Groupon’s board drama
  • J.C. Penney revamps its strategy
  • Hallmark’s works birthday card ever
  • Denny’s Obamacare surcharge
  • Facebook’s IPO
  • Wall Street supporting Scott Brown (against Elizabeth Warren)
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10 worst business moves of 2012
By Kim Peterson
December 24, 2012
MSN Money