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Friday, August 30, 2013

Strategic CSR - Bank of Happiness

The article in the url below introduces us to the Bank of Happiness ( It is a collection of like-minded individuals, originally mostly in Estonia, who get together to give and receive happiness:
“Founded five years ago in this Baltic city, it's a forum in which more than 2,000 civic-minded individuals from Estonia and other countries connect to offer or receive services free of charge. The site carries more than 500 ads in English, German and Estonian from people offering or seeking all kinds of things, including tutoring, tips on baking and business, and even juggling lessons. The website is also translated into French and Spanish.”

How does it work?
“It's simple: You register using your real name and post what you are offering or what your need, as long as it doesn't involve cash or products.”

Abuse of the system is reportedly low and, equally important, the number of people offering help is greater than the number of people posting needs:

“The site has many more offers of help than requests for it. That's as it should be, Kivi says, adding that the bigger reward comes from giving.”
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At Estonia’s Bank of Happiness, Kindness is the Currency
By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
July 18, 2013
National Public Radio