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Friday, November 8, 2013

Strategic CSR - Shareholder Activism

This graphic from the article in the url below contains some fascinating data regarding shareholder resolutions filed at the annual general meetings of the Fortune 250 in 2013:
The graphic details the following information:
  • Annual number of shareholder proposals by company
  • Average proposals received by company, broken down by industry
  • The source of the proposals
  • The content of the proposals
  • The percentage that receive majority support
  • The percentage support, broken down by content type

The numbers that stand out most for me are the percentage breakdown of proposal types (39% corporate governance; 37% social policy; and 24% executive compensation) and the source of the proposals (33% labor-affiliated organizations; 26% “corporate gadflies”; 25% religious-affiliated and SRI organizations; 16% other investors).
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