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Friday, October 28, 2016

Strategic CSR - Upcycling

The photos accompanying the article in the url below contain some great examples of clothing and accessory companies that are shifting our definitions of sustainable apparel:
"From selling clothes with a 30 year guarantee to touring Europe in a repair shop – these brands are advancing the circular economy within fashion."
One good example:
"Elvis & Kresse collect decommissioned firehoses from fire brigades across the UK and turn them into bags. The hoses, (some of which have spent over 20 years fighting fire) are saved from landfill and 50% of profits from the range is donated to The Fire Fighters Charity."
"If you send your old shirts to Netherlands based Van Hulley, they'll turn them into new boxer shorts and send them back to you. The idea came to founder Jolijn Creutzberg over 15 years ago. … In 2012 Creutzberg turned her idea into a social enterprise which employs women who are otherwise distanced from the labour market.
As well as creating new products using recycled materials, there is also value in repairing old products, whether they were made by your company or someone else's:
"Outdoor clothing company Patagonia is currently on a five-country, 50-stop tour around Europe in two mobile repair shops. The shops are open to anyone with a garment in need of repair, regardless of brand. 'We want to empower our customers to be owners, not just consumers,' says Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario. 'It's a simple but critical message: keep your gear in action longer and take some pressure off our planet.'"
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