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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Strategic CSR - Ethical shopping

This is the last CSR Newsletter of the Spring semester.
Have a great summer and I will see you in the Fall!
The link in the url below takes you to Businessweek's "Ethical consumer game":
"Ethical shopping is even harder than you thought. You buy cage-free eggs, eat quinoa and drive an electric car to do your part to help the environment. That's all great, right? ... Pump the brakes on that Tesla. We built an ethical consumer game that leads you through the difficulties of living a cage-free, carbon-neutral lifestyle."

My favorite slide covers the topic of reusable shopping bags:
"Only 3 percent of shoppers with multi-use bags said they regularly washed them. … In 99 percent of bags tested, half carried coliform bacteria, while 8 percent carried E. coli."
A heads-up – you are not going to win this game. It seems as though every consumer choice we have has perceived negative consequences for some stakeholder somewhere.
Have a great summer!
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Ethical shopping is even harder than you thought
By Miranda Purves
December 22, 2016
Bloomberg Businessweek