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Monday, April 29, 2019

Strategic CSR - Seaweed

The article in the url below presents a good idea – replacing single-use plastics with seaweed. In particular, it outlines a plan for the London Marathon this year, which took place Sunday, to hand out seaweed pods filled with liquid for hydration in place of bottled water:
"More than 40,000 people plan to run the marathon on Sunday. And they're in for a bit of a different experience when they reach Mile 23 — Ooho seaweed capsules instead of plastic bottles or cups. The capsules can be filled with a variety of liquids, but the ones provided at the marathon will be filled with Lucozade Sport, an electrolyte drink."
Not only will the pods save plastic, but they are also more convenient for the runners:
"The small pods … are designed to be both edible and biodegradable — the pods themselves are tasteless, and if not consumed, they biodegrade within six weeks."
Apparently, the experience is similar to eating a cherry tomato. Here is what they look like:
There is also a video about the pods here:
The London Marathon says it is committed to advancing sustainability and has a list of actions it is taking to further reduce the marathon's carbon footprint in the article.
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Thousands of seaweed pods will replace single-use plastics at the London Marathon
By Sophie Lewis
April 27, 2019
CBS News