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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Strategic CSR - Realism

This is the last CSR Newsletter of the Spring semester.
Have a great summer and I will see you in the Fall!

The interview in the url below might provide some light reading relief over the summer months. The interviewee is definitely a realist and not an idealist, and he is trying to shock the world into understanding the scale of the problem we face in climate change. I found the tone of the discussion refreshing – definitely more eye-opening than most of the fluff I see in the media around the various topics that fall under the broad, CSR umbrella (and sustainability, more specifically). Here is a taste for your enjoyment:

"The key to understanding risk — forget about climate change — is very simple. It's discounting the future. … Suppose we start investing like crazy and start bringing down the carbon as rapidly as possible. The first beneficiaries will be people living in the 2070s because of what's already in the system. The temperature will keep rising even as we are reducing these emissions. So you are asking people now to make quote-unquote sacrifices while the first benefits will accrue to their children and the real benefits will accrue to their grandchildren. You have to redo the basic human wiring in the brain to change this risk analysis and say, I value 2055 or 2060 as much as I value tomorrow. None of us is wired to think that way."

I hope you all have a good summer. See you in the autumn.

Take care

David Chandler
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