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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Strategic CSR - Football

I am not sure if this counts as the level of nuanced discourse we need to be having as a society around climate change but, in terms of novelty value, the article in the url below at least caught my eye:

"When the English football club Reading F.C. takes to the field for its first home game of the season this weekend, the sleeves on its kits will look a bit different from years past. Instead of the club's traditional blue and white bands, fans will see 150 narrow stripes in varying shades of red and blue. The change isn't about aesthetics: The new sleeves are a data visualization of global warming known as climate stripes."

I am not sure how many fans in the stands will notice, given how well the design blends in with the shirt at present, but the change at least allows the club to make a statement:

The design comes from the idea of climate stripes, which represent periods of hotter and colder temperatures across time (e.g.,

This is either an indication of how far the climate debate is beginning to seep into public consciousness, or a gimmick that will be missed by almost everyone.

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